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30 Sep 2006

 Ten signs that you are really aging as a martial artist:

  1. The older you get the better you used to be as a martial artist.

  2. You can’t always remember where you put your spare uniform, your protective equipment or mouth guard.

  3. The glory days seem just like yesterday, while yesterday is something you can't remember.

  4. You use age an excuse for almost anything (I'm too old to do that! My throws didn't always suck, it’s just that I'm older now. I wasn't always fat and out of shape).

  5. You realize that the member of opposite sex that you find most attractive is too young for even your sons and daughters to date.

  6. Your wrinkles gradually hide all of the scars on your face.

  7. You begin to use a natural “grunt” kiai everytime you get up from the floor, or stand from a chair.

  8. You don’t remember ever moving as fast as some of the kids do, if you can remember that far back.

  9. Something always hurts or aches even when you didn’t work out.

  10. When you tell other students when you started the martial arts, you realize that it was before they were born.

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