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Our job at RONIN JIU-JITSU & KOBUDO is to simply provide the best training anywhere to effectively deal with violent confrontation. We prepare our students to act and respond properly to a complete range of attack situations.

In our school we not only train the body, we also train the mind. Although the vast majority of self-defense training is physical, there is a large component that deals with such elements as the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, stress reduction, self-viability, tactical communications and relaxation.

The curriculum consists of mostly empty handed techniques that are used in a variety of ways to defend against either armed or unarmed attackers. The techniques deal with, but are not limited to, defenses against all aspects of striking, choking, throwing, restraining, escorting, grappling, knife, hand gun and rifle attacks.

We also train in Kobudo, the art of using the traditional weapons of the Samurai, such as the Sword, Bokken, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Tanbo, Hando, Hojo, Tanto and cane. Classic weapons training is directly related to the fundamental development of JIU-JITSU techniques. All systems of curriculum for the kobudo classes are traditional and those approved by the (ZNKR) All Japan Kendo Federation or (ZNIR) All Japan Iaido Federation .

The JIU-JITSU curriculum taught at RONIN JIU-JITSU & KOBUDO is both modern and traditional, with the systems being JISHIN-RYU and JIKISHIN-RYU as well as KAIZEN-RYU and RONIN TAI-JITSU.

There are also Jiu-Jitsu classes and specialty training programs for kids.

The traditional sword art, MUSO JIKIDEN EISHIN RYU IAIDO taught at the RONIN JIU-JITSU & KOBUDO DOJO is the second oldest martial art in Japan, and the system upon which all other traditional japanese sword arts are based.

This art teaches the skill of drawing and cutting in one fluid movement. Iaido is in reality an art of composure and individual development with no actual physical contact. One of the unique things about IAIDO is that it is the only martial art where women and men are at an equal.

The interesting thing about iaido is, that compared to other Japanese martial arts, male and female iaidoka are equal. Also size and weight are of no importance as you are fighting an imaginary opponent of your own length and strength. In iaido strength is only a small part of the game, technical skill and perfect balance of mind, body and sword are more important. That is why you can practice iaido up to a high age. The strength of young ages slowly evolves into insight and technical skill.

Iaido challenges iaidoka through every stage of their practice. Iaido is also a very suitable second budo for budoka of other disciplines like karate, judo or aikido. Your learning will never come to an end, at least as long as you keep an open mind towards your practice. You will always find new ways to further perfect the balance between mind, body and sword. In short: iaido is a challenge for life.

The KELOWNA EISHIN RYU IAIDO KAI, is registered with and approved by the Canadian Iaido Association.       



RONIN JIU-JITSU & KOBUDO is the only Jiu-Jitsu School in the interior of British Columbia that is legitimately recognized, registered and supported by the Provincial Governing Body for Jiu-Jitsu in the Province of British Columbia. Sensei Randy Martin, Shihan Rokudan is the current President of the JJBC.


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