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1 Show respect and courtesy at all times.

2 Act with honor in all things.

3 Show Self-respect in a clean and neat appearance.

4 Show respect for their fellow JIU-JITSU students by refraining from wearing jewellery or any items that might cause damage.

5 Take extra care not to injure yourself or others during training.

6 If there is an accident or incident of any kind, tell your Sensei or person in charge immediately.

7 Do not smoke or drink on dojo premises.

8 Show respect for the club by assisting in keeping it clean and in good repair.

9 Show respect for their Instructors by paying attention to the instructions of higher-ranking belts.

10 Show respect for their art by not demonstrating DOJO-related material outside of class.

11 Concentrate on DOJO-related material only, while in the club.

12 Not Spar or Fight unsupervised.

13 In the event that one is involved in a dishonorable act, said person will distance themself from the school, either temporarily or permanently, protect its reputation and take personal responsibility for ones actions.

These are common-sense rules only. There are others. Use of good judgement will avoid all possible problems.