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Things to do Now

The first thing we would like to mention is very important and it starts long before anything ever happens.  Learn some type of self defense in order to be able to understand your capabilities and strengths.  Most people have no idea what is possible without having someone show them.  So, begin by signing up for a self defense class or seminar so you can start to see the possibilities and choices that you have if you are ever attacked.

Also, if you carry pepper spray, kubotan or any other "self defense key chain", learn to use it.  Some people carry pepper spray on a key chain and never test it for months at a time, if ever.  There's a chance that it doesn't even work.  Testing also makes sure you are familiar with how it works, for example, the steps you need to take to get it out and make it useful, otherwise, it's just another key chain! But worst of all it is something that can be taken away from you and used against you.