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If You are Threatened by Someone

·         "Don't ever get into a strange car, even when a weapon is used to coerce you into the vehicle. Make as much noise to attract attention to the perpetrator as possible. This will usually scare him off and it is doubtful that the criminal will use the weapon on you while in a public place. Once in the vehicle, you may never be seen alive again." This cannot be stated strong enough, studies have shown that if a victim is taken to "crime scene B"*, they are more than likely not going to survive.

·         Try to remain calm - do not resist handing over your valuables. You do not want to risk escalating a property crime to a violent crime. If all the assailant wants is property, you do not want to risk your life for something that can be replaced. You cannot be replaced. Obviously, we advocate being able to defend yourself, however, that is only if your personal safety is at risk.

·         Be aware that any item you can use as a weapon also may be used against you.  This is why it is vitally important to be familiar with the uses and functions of any weapon you may choose to carry.

·         If you are verbally or physically harassed, attract attention by talking loudly or screaming.

·         Another option is to look past him to a person near by and say loudly "Are you ready dear?" or honey and start walking towards them.  When you get to them just keep going.  

·         Get as accurate a description of the attacker, starting from the head all the way down to the feet, and vehicle, color, plate number, what kind of car, how many doors, how many passengers, as possible and call the police immediately.

* Crime scene "A" refers to the first contact the offender or perpetrator makes with the victim. With violent crime such as rape or murder, the offender will usually attempt to take the victim to Crime scene "B", which is where the rape or murder usually occur.