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Around the House

·         When you are home - keep the doors locked.

·         Get a view hole for the front door - and USE IT.

·         If you do not know who someone is, don't let them in. If they say they are from a utility, tell them to hold on and then CALL the company. The company will tell you if someone is suppose to be there and should be able to tell you who that person is. If they can't confirm that an employee is working in the area, call 911.

·         If someone breaks in when you are home, call 911 and tell them as much info as possible without being discovered. Once discovered, DO NOT hang up the phone. If you didn't have time to give you address, they should be able to trace the call so a squad car can be dispatched. Also, the 911 tapes can be used as evidence if it picks up the offenders voice.

·         If you come home and the door is open, DO NOT go in. Go to a neighbors house and call 911. Let the officers go in to see if someone is still there. That's their job, let them do it. They are more prepared to deal with confronting an offender than a citizen is.

·         If you know you will be coming home when it's dark, be sure to leave a light on. Better still, get timers for at least one light in the house.

·         All first floor windows should have bars or be glass block windows. There are also new products out that can make normal windows strong enough to withstand a baseball bat. Basically, you want the windows to be so difficult to get through that a would be criminal decides to go to the next house.

·         Use dead bolt locks. Make sure to reinforce the wood behind the dead bolt, either with a steel plate or using extra long screws, for example, 3 inch screws to mount the latch plate.

·         When you are not home, lock the windows. If that is not practical, make sure they can be locked in a specific position, usually a couple of inches. Most new windows have this option. With older windows, have a piece of wood cut to put on top of the window so the window will not open more than a few inches.

·         At night, keep the front porch light on.

·         For the sides and back of the house, use motion sensor lights.

·         Make sure lights go on in the garage and you can see in the garage before you pull in. Pulling in front first is usually best, that way the headlights will light up the garage even more.

·         If you have expensive items (VCR, TV, Computer, Stereo) don't position them so they can be seen from the outside. If a criminal can see them through the windows, it's an invitation to try and get into the house.