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There are many ways to meet people today.  A lot of people today are meeting people online.  No matter how you meet someone, you should always take precautions to protect yourself.  Date rape is a very real thing and has happened to women who were set up by their closest friends.  Never assume that because someone you know set you up that this person will not try to harm you.

·         Never give someone your home address or last name.  There are numerous ways for someone to find if they have your full name.

·         Don't call someone from your home phone.

·         Always provide your own transportation to and from wherever you agree meet the person.

·         Always meet in a well lit, public place, preferably a restaurant or somewhere there are likely to be numerous employees of a business.

·         When out to dinner with someone new, remember drugs are available that can incapacitate anyone.  If you leave the table for any reason, order a new drink.  Do not continue drinking from a glass that is on the table.