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Protective Services Team

Protective Services Detail with SOULJAH FYAH.

Getting major airplay and rising to the top of the charts both in Canada and Internationaly, their sounds and complete compilations get voted for awards and take top honours regularly.

Check them out at www.souljahfyah.com

They won Best of the Best, of Rockanagan 2008. 

Fantastic music, fantastic people and true inspirational vibe.

September 25-28 08

Protective Services Detail with DJ Jpound.

The Black and White party.

Fantastic music.

March 28, 08

Another hard day at the office !

Protective Services Detail with PLAYBOY MODEL, Brooke Windatt and Haymaker Bunny Model Carissa Walls.

These were two of the 9 girls in the group that graced our fine city.

March 20, 08

Protective Services Detail with the fantastic group WASSABI COLLECTIVE.

The music was fantastic and the group was even better.

Everytime I am with these folks and hear their music, I realize how much more I like them

March 08, 2008

Protective Services Detail with Juno Award Winner, JUSTIN NOZUKA.

Watch for this guy to go places.

Fantastic music, songs and voice.

Blending elements of neo-soul, folk, old-time blues and pop, Justin has the guts of Ray LaMontagne and the soul of Lauryn Hill.
This guitar slinging aficionado has the street smarts of an urban swinger and the heart-bending soul of a gospel preacher, and is adept at blending a dark, bluesy Americana vibe with warm, acoustic soul where bits of old folk music and flamenco tunes swirl in and out of earshot.

February 21, 08